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WooCommerce Purchase Order Payment Gateway

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Do you need a way to allow customers to place an order before providing payment information? Maybe you need to calculate shipments manually for every order or maybe you want to be able to approve/cancel an order before the customer actually pays. Do you want to only do this for specific scenarios – like a specific product category or shipping method being used? WooCommerce Purchase Order Payment Gateway allows you to separate the checkout process from the payment process to give you more flexibility with your WooCommerce shop. Got questions? Use one of the contact form below!

Mon Jan 12, 2015
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Product Description

This is an intermediary payment gateway, which allows your customers to checkout without having to provide payment information. This can be useful if you want to use WooCommerce to provide quotes or if you have items that for one reason or another require manual shipping rate quotes for each order.   You may wish to force your customers to use the payment gateway by selecting “mutual exclusive” which will hide all other payment methods at checkout (but will be available when you’re ready for them to actually pay). Otherwise, you can make all methods available so your customer can choose to defer payment – depending on your particular business model.

Mutual Exclusivity

WooCommerce Order ActionsWhen the customer checks out, receive an order confirmation email like normal, but a note is displayed indicating that the order hasn’t been paid for yet (this note is configurable in the Customer Message field).

At this point, the order status will be On Hold. When you are ready for the customer to pay, you would change the order status to Pending (note: not Processing), save the order, and then resend the invoice email.

(Alternatively, if you choose to accept some form of offline payment, such as a check, you can simply mark the order as complete once you receive payment)


The customer will, then receive an email with a pay link similar to this:

Email With Pay Link


Upon clicking the link, your customer will be taken to a pay page, which looks similar to the checkout, except that all of the information is in place except for the payment method. All active payment methods will be available here Except for the purchase order payment gateway. Pay Page


Dynamic Availability

There are different options for this plugin depending on how you might want to make purchas order available. You may only want specific users to be able to use Purchase Orders. If so, uncheck “enable for all users” and enable the “Allow purchase orders” on each users profile

WooCommerce Purchase Order Enable For All Users User Profile Purchase Order


On the other hand, you may want to only have Purchase Order available for specific shipping methods – This requires that you purchase either the Advaned Shipping Filter or Shipping Filter w/ PO Upload Edition. You can use CTRL (or command on a Mac) to select multiple options – all available shipping methods are selectable here, though you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between UPS ground or UPS 2nd day, for example.

Shipping Methods

Other Fields

I’ve changed these fields from the defaults to illustrate what corresponds to what The document upload label field is, of course, only available on the Shipping Filter w/ PO Upload Edition.

Fields Illustration 1Fields Illustration 2


Here’s a brief explanation of some more fields – The first two are available in all editions:

Fields Explanation

FiletypesAllowed File Types

For the Shipping Filter w/ PO Upload Edition, you can specify what filetypes you accept. There are 10 filetypes to choose from: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, jpg/jpeg, png, svg, eps, and zip   The plugin looks at the actual file structure to determine filetype, so a peson couldn’t just rename a malicious file and upload it. If the file the person attempts to upload is not allowed, an error message is displayed (the list of allowed types in the error would be replaced by the types you specified)

Invalid Filetype Selected


“What’s the difference between Standard and Advanced?” – With the standard edition, the Purchase Order Payment Gateway is always available (for either all users or for the specified users). With the Advanced Shipping Filter, the payment method is only available when one of the specified shipping methods is selected.

Please note: if you’re looking for more options, or a different solution entirely, I can either build it for you or point you in the direction of an exiting product that will. 

Demo Video

2 reviews for WooCommerce Purchase Order Payment Gateway

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This plugin is absolutely BRILLIANT! It does exactly what it says it does. I needed it because shipping needed to be calculated for EACH order and I thus needed a way to update the shipping while still allowing customers to check out. The way I set mine up, once I have updated the shipping cost for a particular order, an email is sent out at the click of a button to the customer with a link to pay. Clicking that link allows the customer to pretty much continue the checkout where they left of – now with all the available payment options now visible. HOW COOL IS THAT?! Also, implement this plugin couldn’t be simpler! The description and demo video is pretty much all you need to get everything up and running IN MINUTES! You won’t regret purchasing this plugin!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Using the Standard edition on WordPress 4.1.1. So far exactly as seen in the video.

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